Museum and MILF Porn

Posted by Eva on Jan 3, 2022

Being a connoisseur of art, when the opportunity arose for a trip to Italy, my first destination was an Italian museum, Musei Valle Sabbia. Wandering slowly up and down throughout the length of the building, often stopping to admire the artistic ability and allure of the colors, the brush strokes, what the painter is trying to say, along with the admiration of other artifacts, there was one particular picture that caught my eye.

I lingered much longer in the one area, trying to move on and yet being drawn back to the beauty that had captivated me. There’s always been a fondness in my heart for older women with big asses. I’ve always found them to be exciting and stimulating. This particular picture holds a partial nude shot of a robust female with a glint in her eye that told me in today’s time; she would have been the perfect subject for HD MILF porn videos. She had the age that spoke experience, the curves that announced allure, and a set of full breasts that made my mouth water to suckle from.

During my fourth visit to that specific painting, a woman joined my silent admiration, standing and absorbing all of the wonders. I heard her sigh and initiated a general conversation about the picture itself with her, happy to have someone to share the erotic experience and latest gay videos with.

We decided to continue our talk of the arts over a cup of coffee. Finding a small bistro with outdoor tables, the crispness in the air felt good blowing along the sidewalk while I found her to be intellectual and deep on many topics of interest. Our conversation continued until we noticed it was getting dark, and, being a gentleman, I requested the opportunity to escort her home. Our stride was slow as if wanting to make every minute linger as much as we could.

As we approached her apartment, we stood at the door and exchanged telephone numbers, assuming our first evening together was about to end. With a soft kiss on her cheek and a thank you for the wonderful time she shared with me, I watched her walk through her doorway. There was the same type of sway to her hips. I would have imagined the woman in the painting holding that bit of robust delight that oozed with feminine charm. She was older; I would guess, fifteen years my senior, which was another factor drawing me to her.

I didn’t even make it to the end of the street when I used my cell phone to dial her number. She laughed when hearing my voice, and I told her I didn’t want to see our evening cease, to which she agreed. I walked back to her apartment, and she was waiting at the door for me. She’d been home long enough to kick off her shoes, giving me a chance to see her pedicure job, with toes nestled tightly into her stockings and leaving her about 2” shorter than she was when wearing high heels.

A glass of wine later, we were sharing parts of our childhood and hopes for the future while seated on her sofa. The clock started to chime, the hour had grown late, and yet we continued getting to know one another. Each time she’d rise to walk towards the kitchen, I found myself engrossed in the movement of her full-figured body. She was like Sexoficator MILF porno in motion, and I knew I wanted her intimately.

The next chime we noticed had three bells to it, and I mentioned I should think of going home so she could get some rest. At first, I thought she was going to walk me to the door, taking me by the hand and taking aim in that direction, and then she veered off to the left and led me into her bedroom instead. My dreams of what mature porn would be like in person were about to come true.

Her hands were genuinely talented and experienced; she undressed me with such gracefulness and ease, no clumsy movements, just a soft sweep of this and that to the garments as they were removed. She stood back and posed and then began to do a striptease for my enjoyment. With each article of clothing she took off, my erection continued to grow with hardness. Her breasts were full, the areola and nipples large, in a lovely shade of brown. Sliding her panties down, she then stood before me, a proud, mature woman, ready to feel the wonders of hardcore pleasure.

My hands immediately went to her hips. I wanted to sink my fingers into the fleshiness, squeezing the dirty delight of her naked body. She parted her thighs, and there was a thick tuft of dark pubic hair covering the hidden wonders of her damp pinkness. Even the taste of her said her age had ripened MILF pornography to a level of needing to be plucked and enjoyed.

The first wave of orgasm swept through her as my mouth worked over her swollen clitoris. At that point, I mounted her incredible body, sliding inside of her and feeling her nails digging into the bare skin of my back. She allowed her hips to rise and fall, meeting my every thrust in a perfect sexual rhythm.

None of the MILF XXX Videos I’d viewed for so much of my life prepared me for the wonders of sharing intercourse with this mature woman; she was exquisite, elegant, and more than erotic. These days, I still remember my hot erotic experience and love watching MILF porn when masturbating.